I am Dan and I like to talk. Sometimes, a lot. I have been working as a radio presenter for a number of years after being a fire fighter for 10 years. A bit different? Yes, but that sums me up.

I have been a voiceover artist and radio presenter for over 5 years, working with a variety of clients. I have also performed stand up comedy and currently write, produce and present a comedy podcast called “Dan Life Coach” that iTunes decided was note worthy, which was nice of them.

Dan Life Coach on iTunes 

I have also written and recorded a short, poetic story for kids. I hope it makes them smile. You can download it from iTunes with the link below.

These Space Dogs

I take direction very well, meaning that I can adapt to whatever you need. I am fun to work with and I have a high spec home studio but can also travel to your studio if required.

I am based in Ireland but, as a typical Yorkshire lad, I am more than happy to travel for work. Dublin has a lovely airport with a brand new terminal 2 so getting to you will never be a problem.

Some people say it is bad to like the sound of your own voice.

I don’t.

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